Protect your valuables

"Thanks to the E-finder, my daughter has got her scooter back, thankfully!"
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Everything of value is vulnerable. You need to protect something that is valuable to you as much as possible. Preferably as easy as possible.

That gives peace and a sense of security, with less worries.

E-finder is a total package that watches over your valuable possessions, so reducing your worries. The E-finder package combines product, knowledge and services to create an end-to-end track, trace and assistance system.

In this way you always know where your valuable possessions are. Or even better, as long as you don't receive an alert, you know that all is ok. What a relaxing thought that is! E-finder, permanent insight in all that is of value to you.

"Thanks to the E-finder, my daughter has got her scooter back, thankfully!"

"Having saved for years to afford my old-timer, I couldn't bear the thought of it being stolen! But having hidden my E-finder in my car, I find myself much more relaxed, knowing that can always get it back even if it was stolen."

"My son has a half an hour cycle ride to get to school everyday. With the E-finder in his bag I always know where he is."

What to expect:

  • Track & Trace device
  • User friendly app
  • Easy to Start subscription
  • National coverage via the KPN LoRa network
  • Energy efficient chargeable battery*
  • Acces to location history
  • Personal preference settings
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 24/7 Alarm Assistance (alarm centre for stolen or lost goods)
  • USB charging cable
  • Automatic updates during charging
  • Dutch Design & Production

* up to 12 months without charging depending on personal settings chosen


How does it work?

  • Messages are only sent when the device is in motion
  • Location updates every 5 minutes during motion
  • Interface to directions to your device in Google Maps and Street View
  • Determine the accuracy level of your location yourself in the app
  • Pinpointer mode to find your E-finder in the last 50 meters using Bluetooth
  • If your goods are stolen, raise the alarm centre in the app so that they can retrieve your goods for you
  • Virtual guard mode - alerts you should your E-finder move when you do not expect it to
  • Light and small in size (76x30x19mm)

Efinder collection

Device contents:

  • GPS Antenna
  • LoRa Antenna
  • WiFi Sniffer
  • Bluetooth
  • Movement sensor
  • Chargeable battery
  • LED

We are always there to help you

The E-finder has an alarm function which allows you to contact our alarm service partner, SMC, 24/7. Activate the alarm mode in the app and the alarm centre will contact you immediately.

If necessary, they will alert the National Quick Response (NQR) team. This team consists of more than three hundred mobile units across the entire country. So help is always close-by!

*E-finder Subscriptions include the link to the alarm centre, but exclude the costs for SMC/NQR services.

For more information on the services provided by SMC for E-finder customers, including the terms and conditions, see: SMC

E-finder in partnership with:

E-Finder® Subscriptions

Choose how much historical data is available to you in the app

Subscriptions for use of the E-finder

  • Basic (2 weeks history) - € 3.95 / month
  • Standard (3 months history) - € 4.05 / month
  • Premium (6 months history) - € 4.15 / month

Payable annually in advance

All pricing above is inclusive of VAT. E-finder subscription includes the link to the SMC alarm centre but excludes the costs of their SMC services

E-finder protects

Your safety and privacy are guaranteed with E-finder and associated systems. Your personal information shall never be shared with any 3rd parties and is secured by the latest encryption technology for communication and storage.

The E-finder systems are hosted exclusively in European data centers and the implemented security is continually evaluated and actualised according to the latest European GDPR guidelines.

For the full privacy statement, see: Privacy Statement


Should you have any questions on the E-finder or how to use it, do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service staff.