Who are we?

A team full of drive

With an integrated partner model for maximum innovation and quality

E-Connectz is a company that develops innovative IOT (Internet Of Things) products and associated services for both businesses and consumers.

We are four experienced entrepreneurs with a diverse network and extensive experience in successful businesses. We see the various possibilities of IOT to make the lives of consumers easier and safer. We also create smart solutions for companies using IOT technology to reduce costs, increase revenues and mitigate risks. If necessary, we are also able to combine IOT technologies with RFiD techniques to implement a total solution for many business issues.

We chose a partner model for or company organisation. By bringing experts in various fields together we are able to achieve more through the fusion of ideas, experience and knowledge. See below for more information on the E-Connectz partners.

What can you expect from E-Connectz: transparency, creativity, innovation, held promises, quality, excellent customer service and long term relationships.

Do you have time to discuss the possibilities for your company over a good cup of coffee?

  • Mark Koster (Director, Marketing, HR)
  • Michiel van Bergeijk (Director, Finance, Purchasing)
  • Oscar van Leeuwen (Sales / Marketing)
  • David Clarance (Technology)

E-Connectz Partners

Clickey Solutions - more than 15 years experience in creating, building and implementing IOT applications for many customers, such as: ABNAMRO, Securitas, Heras, Heineken, Heijmans, KPN, Siemens, etc.

Unfolded - Many years of experience in developing apps, applications, interfaces etc. for customers such as Philips, etc

Walvis & Mosmans - top tier brand & communication company that supports E-Connectz with strategy, brand, communication, design and execution. W&M customers include: TU Delft, Residentieorkest, Innovation Quarter, Redbeans, etc.

SMC AlarmCentrale - more than 30 years experience in alarm center services. SMC has grown to become one of the major private alarm centres in The Netherlands.