The E-finder has many different uses

Read some experiences of E-finder users below

How do people benefit from using the E-finder?

An E-finder can give peace of mind and protection in all sorts of circumstances. Do you have a yacht in a harbour far away and would like to be alerted should it move away from its moorings? An E-finder can do exactly that, via the virtual guard mode. Do you worry where your granddad is on his mobility scooter? An E-finder lets you see exactly where he is in the app. Do you have a caravan in storage somewhere and would like to know if it is still there? The E-finder is the solution. Does your dog run away sometimes? An E-finder in a special collar accessory ensures you can always find where it went. Altogether there are so many uses for the E-finder!

"Thanks to the E-finder, my daughter has thankfully got her scooter back!"

"My daughter called me while I was on a business trip in Copenhagen. She was in tears because someone had stolen her beloved scooter. Fortunately, I had hidden an E-finder in her scooter and was immediately able to see in the app exactly where the scooter was. I clicked on the alarm button in the app and was called by the alarm centre within minutes. They sent one of their security agents to the location of the scooter using the app and ensured the scooter was taken into their possession. My daughter was so very happy!"

"My car is very important to me"

"Modern, expensive cars all have an in-built tracking system. Mine, however, does not. Therefore, I bought an E-finder and hid it in my car. If it ever should get stolen, I will at least be able to see exactly where it is at all times. My chances of getting it back again are so much better than before. Even more so, when SMC are there to retrieve it for me. What a peace of mind!"

"My son has a half an hour cycle ride everyday to and from his school"

"I now know exactly where he is at all times thanks to the E-finder which I hid under the saddle of his bike. I also know if his bike gets moved or stolen that I can always find it back again using the app"

Would you like to know more about how you can protect your valuable goods using an E-finder, please contact us for more information.